rig [1] VERB (rigged, rigging) 1) provide (a boat) with sails and rigging. 2) assemble and adjust (the equipment of a sailing boat, aircraft, etc.) in readiness for operation. 3) (often rig up) set up (a device or structure), typically in a makeshift way. 4) (rig out) provide with clothes of a particular type.
NOUN 1) the arrangement of a boat's sails and rigging. 2) an apparatus or device for a particular purpose: a lighting rig. 3) an oil rig or drilling rig. 4) a person's costume or outfit. 5) chiefly N. Amer. & Austral./NZ a truck.
DERIVATIVES rigged adjective.
ORIGIN perhaps Scandinavian.
rig [2] VERB (rigged, rigging) manage or conduct fraudulently so as to gain an advantage.
ORIGIN of unknown origin.

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